Our Leadership

Our Overseer

Our Pastor

Council of Elders (Overseers)

Dr Franklin J Wilbur II

Church of Love Ministries -n- 

First Church of the Loving God


Dr Carmen Sullemun

The Well of New Beginnings Ministries


Dr Joseph M Robinson Sr

Truth International Ministries


Dr Michael L Williams III

Saved By Faith International Ministries 

-n- Truth By The Way of the Word Prophetic Ministries


Dr Rowland Young-Jack

Heavenly Grace Christian Center Intl.


Churches Under Covenant

Dr Samuel R Victor

El Shaddai Truth Intl Church of the Nazarenes

Pastor/ U.C.A. Chaplain

Wenskerson Jean Pierre

Premier Eglise Chretienne De La Pentcote

(First Christian Church of Pentecostal)

Pastor/U.C.A. Chaplain

Bhekizitha Apio Mensah

Watchers op die muur Intl bedieninge

(Watchers on the Wall Intl Ministries)