Serving Others Is Our Pleasure!

                         Tarring down the strongholds of the devil and 

                           building God's Kingdom with His Children!

1. Evangelistic/Transportation 

Our outreach ministry aka “H.E.L.P.S” (Hands on Encouragement for Life's Problems finding Solutions) consists of our Prison and Hospitality who’s out to visit the prisons and the streets to spread the Word of Yahuweh given them the special opportunity to receive Yahuwshuwa as their Saviour. We also visit the sick and shut in to carry the Word of Yahuweh forth to those who are unable to get to church. Yes we are out and in full force, going out witnessing and winning souls to the Kingdom of Heaven for the harvest time is here! Our transportation ministry also is responsible for transporting various groups and ministries by providing drivers, maintaining vehicles and assisting in long distance travel needs as required. For one cannot be great until he first learns how to serve his neighbors in Agape (unconditional love). If you love to spread the Word of Yahuweh to the world, join our evangelistic ministry aka "B.A.M.N" (By Any Means Necessary), a hard hitting, hardcore and radical group that’s out to spread the gospel over the world and wherever God sends.    

2. Wedding/Marriage Ministry 

Our wedding and marriage ministry is a help within itself. We assist in the planning of weddings/receptions to those who have completed the mandatory counseling as required by the Church. We provide the marriage ceremony as well and we do not require you to get licenses from the state (we encourage you not to) but if you want them you are free to get them. However, we will show you and teach you the Biblical way to merry without involving a third party known as the state/government. Than we enter into our marriage ministry which offers counseling and guidance to married couples to help keep the fires burning hot. We participate in group outings, trips, and vacations filled fun and activities for our married couples.   

3. Singles Ministry 

Of course we wouldn't leave our singles, the singles ministry is responsible for those who are single and waiting on that special someone in their lives that Yahuweh has for them. We enjoy fellowship together which includes vacations, trips, fun, and many activities as well. This ministry is also a watch for those who are engaged on dates leading to marriage and more. Basically preparing singles for marriage and teaching them the Biblical morals and values of marriage with fun and activities.   

4. Men & Women's Fellowship 

Our Men's Ministry aka M.O.V.E (Men Overcoming in Victory Everlasting) and Women's Ministry aka "W.A.R.M" (Wonderfully Anointed Redeemed & Magnificent) are on the prowl, so watch out because the men/women are back. Two separate ministries producing men/women of valour after Yahuweh's own heart! Teaching what it means to be Godly men/women and to take their rightful place in Yahuweh, the Church, The family, and the Home. We fellowship together in brotherly/sisterly love in Yahuwshuwa Ha Mashyiach to depend and help each other in all things while being lead by the Holy Spirit and not the FLESH.   

5. Youth Ministry 

Our youth ministry "S.W.A.T" (Special Weapons & Anointed Tactics" which consist of 3 sub-groups: "Words of Wisdom", "Youth Reaching Beyond", and "Young Parents Rejoice" are on fire for Yahuwshuwa! We have set out to restore our youth with their true identity in Yahuweh and prepare them for VICTORY over the enemy...self. We're taking back what has been given to the devil freely and taking a stand on the Word of Yahuweh as our Authority, Peace and Weapons of Warfare. We're out to teach our children that there is an alternative to street hustling, drug pushing, gang banging, and the fast life which brings nothing but fast trouble, even death. 

* "Words of Wisdom" - Everyday our youth face problems in life; they feel like they have no one to talk to or hear them our. This is where our Youth Talk Ministry, a staff of trained Yahuweh fearing, devil stomping, Word filled professionals to help and encourage one another. All callers have there choice of giving their names or remaining anonymous but we are here to help and comfort one another in there time of need. JUST CALL! 

* "Youth Reaching Beyond" - Sometimes no matter how hard our children try, some subjects are just too difficult to grasp. So we have put this ministry of tutors together to help with those hard subjects at hand. We have trained people to help show them an easy way to make that A in all their subjects with the help of others. For only the wise can help those in need! 

* "Young Parents Rejoice" - All of us have falling short of the Glory of Yahuweh through sin but what we do afterwards is what makes the difference! This ministry is there to help the young parent(s) - boys and girls- who have falling short. Although we don't condone the sin, we love the person and are there to help them through and teach them the Godly values of life and train them in Godly skills to raise their children in the Word of Yahuweh. We are here to help, not dominate, them in becoming a mother/daddy that Yahuweh, as well as themselves, will be proud of.   

6. Ushers & Greeters 

* "Divine Order" - Our Ushers are the pillars of this great ministry. They are responsible for directing the flow of traffic in and around the sanctuary, also to assist in outreach functions and events. They are part of the eyes of the ministry in helping to carry out order in the house that house the Church of Yahuweh. 

* "Smiling Grace" - Our Greeters bring the Smile of Yahuweh to all who enter the Gates of Yahuweh's Kingdom. They are the first face that you will remember given love towards all who enter and will touch your heart with a smile.  

7. Music & Media  The music & media ministry is responsible for providing the sharp & precise pizzazz of sound that you hear in the sanctuary. They provide all the musical selections during services and special events. Its purpose is to prepare the atmosphere for the teaching of the Word of Yahuweh.   

8. Worship & Praise 

The Word of Yahuweh states that we should enter into His gates with praise. Our Worship & Praise Ministry is the 2nd key to carrying this out. For our Praise brings the blessings of Yahuweh but it is our Worship that brings us our Victory! So come on and join and lift your voice unto the Lord with Worship & Praise in your mouth. 

* "Voices of Thunder" - Let every breath praise ye the Lord. The first line of our defense against the enemy, "Voices of Thunder" are stomping on the battlefield with the Word of Yahuweh in their mouths. So let's shout to Him and lift Him on High for everyone to hear. 

* "Fire From Above" - Our mass choir is on fire! The voices of Yahuweh sing through music to soothe the soul and bring peace to the mind. 

* "Steps of Praise" - The dance team illustrates the Word of Yahuweh through dance, drama, and other fine arts including special performances on Biblical Festivals and other church events. For ages 6 and up. 

* "El Shaddai" - Our teen voices shouting the praise of Yahuweh and rising up to the occasion through singing and uplifting their voices to Yahuweh.   

9. Battlefield of Prayer 

"The Demolition Crew" is a group of hard hitting, canon ball racking crew that intercedes for the ministry, the people, the Kingdom of Yahuweh, etc. We sat up a round the clock prayer wall based on the four watch hours: 6pm, 9pm, 12am, and 3am. We are the defenses of the Church... ready, willing, and able to do all in the Authority of the Name of Yahuwshuwa Ha Mashyiach!   

10. Operation Battlefield America's Redemption 

"Buried in the Word of Yahuweh" is a Bible study ministry formed to bring the Word of Yahuweh back to the forefronts. We are out to tear down the devil's kingdom of cults, false doctrines, false teachers, etc., exposing all that is not of Yahuweh's Word with the help of the Holy Spirit as our guide.